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NoSpray® Protection System

NoSpray® Protection System is an aluminium/glass cloth jacketing system designed tprevent the flammable spray of hot oil which can come in contact with hot surfaces thus causing fires in vessel engine rooms. NoSpray® is available in tape or sheet format and is coated one side with a silicone adhesive for ease of installation and superior adhesion.

SOLAS Regulation II-2/15.2.11/.12 states that:

  • Fuel oil lines shall be screened or otherwise protected tavoid oil spray or oil leakages onthot surfaces, intmachinery air intakes, or other sources of ignition.
  • All external high pressure fuel delivery lines between the high pressure fuel pumps and fuel injectors shall be protected with a jacketed piping system capable of containing fuel from a high pressure line failure.
  • Ships constructed before July 1/98 shall comply with the requirements not later than July 1/2003.


Format x 10 Meters

35mm, 50mm, 140mm, 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm

Total Thickness




Temperature Range

up t150° C (300° F)



Tensile Strength

93.2 Lbs. Per Inch (ASTM-882)

Adhesion tSteel

5.8 Lbs. Per Inch (ASTM-33330)

Aging Properties

Indefinite shelf life when properly stored

List of Fire Risk Areas tbe Protected
Maximum Temperature 150°C & 300 PSI

  • Fuel Oil: Injection Pipes, Service Pipes, Valve Cooling Pipes attached tdiesel engines
  • Lube Oil service pipes and hydraulic oil pipes attached tdiesel engines
  • Flammable Oil Pipes, Pumps and Strainers
  • Fuel oil heater and Purifier
  • Lube oil Heater, Purifier and Cooler
  • Fuel Oil burning unit for boiler, thermal oil heater, inert gas generator and incinerator
  • Level gauge, fittings and oil tray of flammable oil tank
  • Sounding pipe head of double bottom fuel oil tank
  • Special pipe joint (threaded pipe joint, compression fitting joint, etc) and expansion joint in flammable oil piping

The Preceding Areas of Fire Risk

  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Steam Pipe
  • Turbo Charger
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Boiler
  • Thermal Oil Heater
  • Incinerator
  • Welding Spatter etc.

Application Instructions

Surfaces are to be clean and free of oil

Select the NoSpray® format applicable to your installation and with adhesive film in place, cut with scissors as follows:

For Pipes & Joints

Use NoSpray® Tape and allow overlap of 50% each turn. Tape and allow overlap of 50% each turn.

For Valves, Flanges, and Other Irregular Shaped Equipment

Use NoSpray® Sheet and cut one piece:

  • Length to wrap 2 layers thick around surface to be protected;
  • Width to be enough to completely cover bolts and overlap onto connecting pipe at least 100mm (4”).
  • Special care must be taken where a device such as a valve is connected to the pipe being wrapped. In this case, the NoSpray® Tape must be wrapped around the attached device as well as the pipe.

When using NoSpray® Sheet, apply NoSpray® Tape on top of the sheet overlapping 50% to secure the NoSpray® Sheet.

For Protection of Insulated High Temperature Surfaces

NoSpray® Sheet can be used as a protective shield on insulated hot surfaces which are in close proximity to potential oil spray in the engine room.

Apply NoSpray® Sheet or Tape peeling off the adhesive film a little at a time so as not to contaminate adhesive surface with dust or oil prior to application. Wrap snugly (not too tight) around pipe or joint in the likely direction of an oil spray leak. NoSpray® Sheet or Tape should be continued to a point where any potential leaks would occur safely away from hot surfaces that could cause combustion.

For maintenance and repairs, NoSpray® can be removed by cutting with a knife, or tearing off with pliers.

NoSpray® cannot be reused once removed from service.


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10 meters


Combined Vessel Packs can be supplied on request.