Ocean Oil Rig

CanSeal Marine Tape

Heavy Duty Sealing Tape

CanSeal is a heavy duty sealing tape manufactured in Canada with extraordinary strength, adhesion and flexibility. At a full 5 mm thick and reinforced with fiberglass mesh, CanSeal Marine Tape assures that your cargos are damage free.


  • Heavy duty hatch cover tape in strips
  • High tack adhesive mastic with fiberglass mesh reinforcement and polyethylene cover
  • CanSeal is produced in two standard sizes which meets all requirements

Order Code




Total Length/Carton


110 mm (4″)

1.22 m (48″)


36 m (120 ft)


150 mm (6″)

1.22 m (48″)


36 m (120 ft)

Application Instructions

  1. Surface must be clean and dry
  2. Remove loose rust and old tape
  3. A thin layer of old CanSeal tape can be used as a base for new application
  4. Remove paper backing from CanSeal strip and press in place covering hatch joint
  5. Step firmly on tape the full length
  6. The next strip should overlap approximately 1″ (25 mm)

Note: In cold weather conditions it is advisable to heat the hatch surface and adhesive side of tape before application.