Oil rig in the ocean

General Lubricants & Anti-Sieze Compunds

Thermal-Lube XL-0845 POLYON® Synthetic Water Proof Grease

A multi-purpose, all-weather lubricant. Thermal-Lube XL-0845 POLYON® synthetic water proof grease will withstand extreme pressure caused by heavy loads and high speeds.
Order Code: 10 x 400 gram tubes C14-XL0845-000T, 20 kg pails, C14-XL845-000P. Larger containers are available upon request.

Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER

A premium seal lubricant and sealant that blends with all petroleum-based oils and fluids, improving their efficiency and extending their operating life. It extends the life of seals in stern tubes, bow thrusters and hydraulic systems, and will stop, or substantially reduce, oil leaks from lubricating and hydraulic systems.

Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER gives the oil high film strength for improved surface retention during both operating and idle periods and repels water to maintain a protective lubricant shield on metal surfaces, preventing seawater corrosion. Octamar™ SEA-L-SAVER will also emulsify water, which protects metal surfaces from corrosion.
Order Code: 208 L drums, Product Code 12-SLS-208.