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VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard

Corrosion Prevention Coating

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VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard corrosion prevention coating is a highly effective, single component, corrosion inhibitor highly resistant to salt water and salt spray. VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard corrosion preventive compound is formulated as a floatation coating designed to meet the MILR-21006 (Ships) Navy Ballast Tank Protective Coating Specification. VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard corrosion prevention coating provides optimal corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metal exposed to the harsh marine environment.

VapCor Inc. recommends that float applications should not be used to coat regular tanks, however, there may be some conditions that a float application is the only choice. It should be considered for rudders, void spaces and other inaccessible spaces where it may be the only practical way to apply and where the space will remain dry and not used.


  • Long Life
  • Tolerant to rusted surfaces
  • Contains penetrating film characteristics
  • Has moisture displacing characteristics
  • Thermally stable over a broad range of temperature (50–95ºF)(10-35ºC)
  • Easy removal by petroleum or alkaline solvents
  • High flash point


  • Typically 2-3 years between major applications
  • Reduces surface preparation
  • Displaces heavily rusted surfaces
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Resistant to flowing, wide range of applications
  • Repairs are facilitated
  • Minimizes fire hazard

Typical Marine And Offshore Applications

  • Void spaces, coffer dams, rudder voids, double hull voids on board all types of ships.
  • Void spaces, coffer dams on offshore oil platforms and drilling support vessels

Method of Application

VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard should be pumped into ballast tank using one gallon for every 400 square feet of metal surface (including top, bottom and sides of ballast tank). VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard should be clearly visible as a distinct floating layer on the surface of ballast tank water.

The procedure for a float application is as follows:

  1. Put in the required amount of VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard into an empty tank (1 gal/400ft2 or 4 ltr/37m2)
  2. Fill the tank/space full from the bottom.
  3. SLOWLY add water, filling the tank completely (filling quickly emulsifies the coating and it will then need time to separate). This ensures that the tank top is coated.
  4. SLOWLY drain the water from the tank at a rate of 1 inch per minute. This ensures that the coating will adhere to the tank sides. Do not discharge the water completely. Leave 6 inches of water in the tank to avoid discharging any VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard.
  5. If visual inspection is possible, do so. If there are any areas not covered, repeat the process. However, if all of the above instructions are followed properly, this should not occur.
  6. Allow the tank to ventilate for 48 hours before adding any water. This will allow the coating time to cure. The more ventilation and the warmer the temperature (minimum application temperature is 40°F or 5° C), the quicker the curing process.


VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard corrosion prevention coating can be removed by a high pressure alkaline hot water wash down or if hot water is not available then brushed on mineral spirits can be used.

Typical Properties

Flash, COC*, Minimum


Viscosity @77°F(Brookfield, #2 Spindle @ 30 rpm)

200 cps, typical

Density, Weight/Gallon @ 77ºF (25ºC)

7.6 lbs./gallon

Specific Gravity @ 60ºF (15.6ºC)



Soft, Oily


Petroleum Oil

Cure Time

48-72 hours


Tan coloured, oily liquid


VapCor Marine Coat SeaGuard corrosion prevention coating is available in 54 US Gallon (201 liter) containers (2 weeks lead time required.)

Order Code: A08-SGA-054

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