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Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser & Emulsion Breaker — Not for Direct Release to The Environment


VapCor Cleanol HDW1 is a highly concentrated separating cleaner and degreaser widely used in a variety of industries including marine shipping, shipyards, oil rigs, mining and automotive. It is commonly used for general cleaning marine engine room, accommodations, heavy-duty equipment, engine parts, blocks and other related components. VapCor Cleanol HDW1 can also be used to gas free engine room bilges and oil tanks.


  • Quick Breaking, will assist in the operation of oily water separators
  • Non Petroleum
  • Cleans surfaces & gas frees in one application
  • Non-toxic, No Volatile Vapours, No Noxious odours
  • Concentrated
  • Readily biodegradable, No halogens, No phosphates, No defined hazards
  • Free rinsing
  • Does not interfere with bilge alarms
  • Tested on Marinfloc OWS & Deckma OMD 21 & OMD 2005 Monitors, RWO OWS & TD-107™ Monitor
  • Lab tested & proven to help break emulsions


  • Allows oil to separate from water Reduces the potential for oil spills
  • No flash point
  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Safe & pleasant to Use
  • Easy to apply, allows hot work while in use
  • Reduced cost of application
  • Environmentally responsible & safe to use
  • Will not leave a film
  • Will not increase the number of false alarms
  • Pass – does not interfere with OWS operation or Monitor optics
  • Reduces the amount of water in sludge tank

General Application

Typical cleaning solution strength will vary from .1%-.20% depending upon the type soil and the method of cleaning. VapCor Cleanol HDW1 degreaser may be diluted with fresh or seawater depending upon the cleaning required. If possible, allow time for settling and separation of waste water and oil to occur. This will enhance separator operation.

General Degreasing

For general purpose cleaning and degreasing, use VapCor Cleanol HDW1 neat or diluted to a .5% concentration depending on the type soil to be cleaned. Apply the cleaning solution by brushing or swabbing, allow the solution to penetrate the soil, then rinse with warm water, 40° – 60°C (100° – 140°F). When using mechanical spray units, VapCor Cleanol HDW1 may be used in concentrations as low as 0.1% depending upon conditions. VapCor Cleanol HDW1 is excellent for removing grease and dirt from accommodation areas, cleaning exhaust systems fans, stoves and oven in galleys. Dilute as required anywhere from 1 part VapCor Cleanol HDW1 to 1-3 parts of water to 50 parts of water to clean glass. Dilution will depend on the type of contamination (heavy duty carbon and grease to light deposits) VapCor Cleanol HDW1 can be applied by spraying or wiping.

Area of Application

  • Engine Room General Cleaning
  • Accommodations Floor & Bulkheads
  • Galley floors & Bulkheads
  • Parts
  • Paint Preparation
  • Smoke & Soot Stains
  • Carpeting
  • Diluted to clean hands
  • Coveralls etc.
  • Fire Damage
  • General Degreasing and cleaning of heavy or light equipment both Marine & Industrial

Bilge Cleaning

To clean oil from bilges by the rock-and-roll method, add VapCor Cleanol HDW1 at one or more locations in the bilge at the approximate dosage level indicated in the table below. Add seawater to fill approximately 1/3 of the bilge capacity to form a 0.1% cleaning solution. Allow the natural rock-and-roll motion of the vessel to provide agitation for a minimum of 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, pump the bilge in accordance with normal procedures & regulations, inspect; and if required, repeat the procedure or spot clean.

Typical Properties


Clear Liquid




Free Flowing

Boil Range

213 °f/100°c



Specific Gravity


Flash Point


Noxious Odors


Freezing Point



Order Code: A07-VCH1-001 (1 USG- Sold 4 to a case), A07-VCH1-005 (pails), A07-VCH1-055 (Drums)

Important Information

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Our Material Safety Data Sheets should be read and understood by all your supervisory personnel and employees before using our products in your facilities.

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