Oil rig in the ocean

Company Profile

Based in Canada with Distributors in the USA and elsewhere VapCor Inc. specializes in selling and supporting hydraulic fluids which are water soluble (No Sheen), biodegradable and non-toxic Effective Environmental Cleaners that do not interfere with the operation of an OWS, in fact enhance the operation; (VapCor Cleanol HDW1) Combustion additives that raise the Cetane value of fuels which promotes a more complete combustion at lower temperatures which reduces emissions.

VapCor Inc. is the

  • Master Distributor (Canadian) Marine Straub® Couplings
  • Master Distributor (Canadian) of HoldTight 102 Salt Remover and Flash Rust Preventer.

Your Source for Hydraulic Fluids with the Safest & Lowest Environmental profile in the Industrial, Dredging, Offshore and Marine markets.