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Lindemann Lubricating Paste

Sub-Sea Seal Repair & Conditioning Paste

Product Data Sheet


LINDEMANN MPS Lubricating Paste has been developed specifically for leaking sub‐sea sealing systems. They can be used as lubricating paste on its own or, if added at a rate of 10% of leaking systems oil volume, as an additive enhancing wear protecting properties as well as the sealing ability in both inner and outer seals.

LINDEMANN MPS is a very complex mineral based paste containing seal revitalising additives and providing extreme corrosion protection. It’s an excellent lubricating paste due to its active components that reduce the friction and hence the wear between the bearing/seals and a propeller shaft, CPP or bow thruster. It builds a “dynamic” seal for supporting damaged and worn seals both in motion and at rest. Furthermore LINDEMANN MPS holds the ability to revitalise seals giving them back their original flexibility. In addition LINDEMANN MPS contains a very high amount of Teflon, which due to friction will embed the wear surfaces during operation, repairing minor defects in the contact surfaces between shaft and seal. This will prolong the life time of the seals. LINDEMANN MPS will work equally well with most materials e.g. bronze, stainless steel or brass and rubber, asbestos and plastics.

LINDEMANN MPS will not dry out or harden with age. LINDEMANN MPS can be added to the oil in the header tanks, drain pipe or for quickest possible response it can be pumped (if possible) directly into the feeder line as close as possible to the bearings and seals. Due to its high specific gravity (1,2 to 1,4) the product will automatically, assisted by the pressure from header tank, find its way to the bearing and seals, immediately starting working on the causes of an oil leak and restoring good sealing effect. In case of water ingress LINDEMANN MPS must be pumped directly into the sealing chambers.

LINDEMANN MPS blends with all types of system oils.


  • Minimises initial start up damage
  • Revitalizes seals giving back original flexibility
  • Reduces possibility of seizing
  • Resists water washout
  • Reduces wear and friction
  • Offers a high degree of residual lubrication
  • Endures pressure up to and above 137.800 kPa /20.000 psi


  • LINDEMANN MPS 890 specifically developed for efficient maintenance of Stern Tube, CPP, Bow Thruster bearings and seals @ a 5% solution.
  • LINDEMANN MPS 896 designed for use with Simplex styled Seals @ a 10% solution.
  • LINDEMANN MPS 895 designed for use with Cedervall style Seals @ a 10% solution.
  • LINDEMANN MPS Specialty Design is produced on request in close collaboration with the client’s technical department,
  • when serious oil leakage or water ingress is detected. Directions for use in this case are provided individually.


LINDEMANN MPS Lubricating Paste’s can be added to a system, which contains conventional mineral based oil and bio oil, while the vessel is in the water. Dry docking of the vessel is NOT necessary.

Typical Characteristics

  • Appearance : 890 White Paste : 895 Blue Paste : 896 Green Paste
  • Boiling point/range (oC.) : >300 o C
  • Density at 20oC. (g/ml) : 1.01 kg/l
  • Flashpoint : 135° C
  • Shelf Life : minimum 10 years if the correct storage conditions applied