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Environmental Lubricants

HydraFlow™ NS Plus 3500- 5000 PSI

HydraFlow™ NS Plus is a premium general all purpose water glycol hydraulic fluid rated to 5000 psi that is “FM Approved” as fire resistant, which provides a safer working environment than conventional mineral or vegetable oil-based hydraulic fluids. In applications in which hydraulic lines, piping and seals may rupture and spray hydraulic fluid onto hot surfaces, mineral or vegetable oil-based fluids can ignite causing a severe hazard to personnel and equipment. HydraFlow™ NS Plus hydraulic fluid contains a performance package which protects the system against corrosion in both the liquid and vapor phases. As a result HydraFlow™ NS Plus has been functioning effectively in numerous older hydraulic systems and is being designed into new hydraulic systems. In some cases the use of HydraFlow™ NS Plus has reduced the operating temperatures of systems and overall wear.
(Order Code A10-HFNSP-200)

Plurasafe® H20-K

Plurasafe® H20-K is a high performance Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) designed to meet the demands of today’s modern high pressure hydraulic systems at or greater than 5,000 psi (344 bar) and 220°F (104°C). The unique blend of polymers in Plurasafe® H20-K will prolong the use of machinery compared to other types of hydraulic fluids. This proprietary protection package will protect the entire hydraulic system against wear and corrosion damage.
(Order Code A16-HFNSE-200)

Thermal Lube XL-0863

XL-0863 series of heat transfer oils are products with a high specific heat formulated to meet all the specific requirements of hot oil circulating systems operating at temperatures of up to 320_C in closed systems, and 210_C in open systems. This series is blended from highly refined base stocks, which are colorless, tasteless, and odorless. All are water white, (saybolt colour +30) and meet USP cloud and acid tests. Conforms to FDA and CFR regulations.
(XL-0863 Odourless Food Grade Circulating Oil Order Code 20 lt pails C10-XL0863-020, 200 lt drums C10-XL0863-200)